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4 Web Design Trends in 2021

Posted on March 16, 2021

Web design is one of the most rapidly changing industries. You can see how the games graphics have changed when you play online blackjack. And design will keep changing in 2021. Here are the main trends of this year.


Newspaper Inspiration

Visual solutions inspired by newspaper print help meet users' needs by creating the illusion of interacting with an object from the real world. Today, when many people are disconnected from the real world, this approach is most relevant. What at first glance may seem prehistoric is a reliable method for informing and engaging audiences. You can take inspiration from proven newspaper design and improve the user experience.

To keep your design from looking outdated or unwieldy, follow these rules:

- Choose the right fonts. Remember that headings should be much larger than the main text and bold. The font should be legible.

- Readability comes first. Breaking down content into comic book-like paragraphs with clear borders will help structure the site. At this point, it's important to focus on smooth navigation and readability, as Mackenzie Childson has done in many of his projects and the portfolio shown in the image above.

Using newspaper and magazine layouts as inspiration is a great way to create modern design. A newspaper page, like a website page, takes up a huge amount of space. It will be useful for every web designer to go back to the roots and study the basic principles of newspaper design. Many interesting discoveries await you.


Full Immersion Effect Using AR

Augmented reality (AR) is still rarely used to win over the target audience. With AR, you can present your product in a more detailed and immersive way. This method can be used by companies interested in attracting retail consumers as well as companies targeting corporate customers. A fully immersive experience from interacting with AR would suit any organization or product.

Since the pandemic hasn't gone anywhere, many people don't have the opportunity to experience the product live. Moreover, due to existing prohibitions, sales teams cannot attend business meetings, product demos and other such events. Therefore, we must find alternative methods to introduce consumers to the brand and potential purchases. Some B2B brands are already using AR to visualize data and prototypes.

If you want to take the first step in exploring AR design, the easiest project would be to create a branded AR filter for Instagram.


Custom Cursors

Users aren't used to the fact that cursors can be unique. Don't miss the opportunity to turn them into something memorable. A small detail in the form of a custom cursor can establish a stronger connection between the user and the brand. And it will also affect the perception of the message the brand or product intends to deliver.

In the process of modifying your cursor, keep in mind:

  • Consider the key elements that make your brand unique and try to reflect them in your cursor design.

  • The simpler, the better. Of course, the cursor should be interesting, but don't make it too intricate or detailed. Aim for a design that will look attractive in a small size.

  • Don't forget the main purpose of the cursor. Make sure that the custom cursor you choose stands out and expresses the brand's personality in addition to its direct function.

  • Test the cursor in the browser and ensure that it reverts to its original appearance in cases where the custom cursor is not supported.


Muted Colors

To show users that you're a modern and progressive organization, use colors that match new trends in your design.

Muted colors will be a hit this year. Such hues make it easy to concentrate and look at the illustrations on the page. Also, muted colors reduce the strain on the eyes, and people can get relaxed exploring your site. Users won't feel the need to rush. Muted hues will be a great complement to hand-drawn illustrations and grainy backdrops.

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