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How to Run Custom Essays through Editing and Proofreading

Posted on April 10, 2020

Essays are a common task in schools, colleges, and universities. They are not simple. It takes a lot of time and many efforts to write an essay. Sometimes all the powers and resources can be wasted without proper editing and proofreading. This post brought you by will teach you some practical ways of checking your custom essays for mistakes. Keep our tips in mind, and never fail your writing tasks again.

Initial Check of Custom Essays Structure and Contents

Always get from the essential mistakes to the minor ones. In an essay, the disorders in logic, narration, and structure are the most harmful. While poor grammar can be excused due to lack of time, the mistakes in logic, analyzed material, and information is evidence of your poor knowledge. Read the essay through and answer the following questions:

  • Does the essay concern the theme and a thesis statement issue?
  • Has it disclosed the main question fully? Has a reader to look for additional information?
  • Do all the parts of the essay complete their purposes?
  • Do all the paragraphs exist? Are there any connections between them?
  • Is the content of each paragraph full?
  • Is there any detail that can be excluded from the paper without harming the primary sense?
  • Can a reader comprehend your way of thinking?
  • Would it be interesting for them to read this paper?

Consider your essay to be excellent if all your answers are positive. In case you have found the mistake, rewrite the whole part. Coherence, proper logical connections between paragraphs, and simple structure are obligatory for essays. Give a paper to your friend or relative and ask them the same questions in case you are not sure about your objectivity.

How to Check the Style Mistakes in Custom Essays?

Language and styling mistakes are less crucial for the final result. However, a couple of them can spoil the impression of a reader at once. Again, ask yourself a range of questions to check if you have done everything correctly:

  • Whom does your essay address? Is the language style appropriate for this occasion?
  • Can your essay offend someone?
  • Will it be comfortable for you to read your essay aloud?
  • Is there a more suitable synonym for a particular word? Yes, it is a good idea to check all the words for the appropriate synonyms.
  • Is it easy to read all the sentences?
  • Can readers keep the concentration while they follow the text?
  • Did you indicate all the sources and highlighted the origins of my information?
  • Did you consider the types of literature sources in my reference list?

Your paper is OK if a reader will comprehend it with ease. Exclude all the bookish words and phrases from your essay. Do not make your sentences overloaded and complicated. Otherwise, you are more likely to commit a mistake, confuse the tenses, or use the wrong token. Make sure to apply an appropriate referencing style to your paper and reference list in particular. Mind that direct and indirect quotations have different indications.

How to Get Rid of Grammar Errors and Typos in Custom Essays?

The most common grammar mistakes appear due to improper use of tenses and the use of complicated words. Check each word you are not 100% sure about in the dictionary. Recall the irregular verbs and special plural/singular forms of particular nouns. On the Internet, you can the most commonly misspelled words. Keep it by your hand. As for the tenses, less diversity is better in this case. The ideal academic paper has nothing but Simple tenses only.

Typos are tricky, as they are difficult to notice. A typical text redacting software is not able to identify a typo if a strange but proper word comes as its result. To exclude typos, use professional online checkers. Do not forget to check all the punctuation marks. Many of them are not necessary.

That is how you can proofread your essay. Use this questionnaire each time you complete a written assignment. Do not worry if you are still not sure of your skills. You can always rely on professional editors from the custom essay writing service called AdvancedWriters.They will highlight all the paragraphs to be rewritten and remove all the mistakes from your paper. Do not delay and get confidence in your writing skills.

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