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The Best New Products To Keep Your Console Clean

Posted on May 31, 2021

Even if you pride yourself on having a super clean house, the chances are there are spots that you have missed. You probably think this is things like down the side of the cooker & behind the toilet, however, there are much more obvious places in your home that are likely dirtier than you think. Recent research by Betway Online Casino shows that peoples games consoles are often much dirtier than they would imagine. This means that while you’re playing Call of Duty or enjoy a spin on an online roulette wheel, you’re probably in contact with more germs and bacteria than you would imagine.


Why Is Your Games Console So Dirty?

We tend to clean the things that we use every day – for example, our kitchen and bathroom are likely to get a good regular scrub. However, our games console tends to sit out of sight and even things like games controllers aren’t something that we think to clean. When you consider the habits we have when we use them, it stands to reason that they should really have a good clean regularly.

For example, we might eat while we’re playing or share a games console amongst friends. When you think about just how much contact with other people’s hands our games controller has, it makes sense that it’s likely to be covered in more bacteria than our toilet – scary stuff.

The research looked at various gaming consoles under a microscope to see what they were harbouring in the way of bacteria:

  • PlayStation – 73 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Xbox – 83 Colonies of Bacteria
  • Nintendo Switch – 55 Colonies of Bacteria
  • PC Keyboard – 165 Colonies of Bacteria


Keeping Your Console Clean

The good news is that keeping your console clean doesn’t have to be anything complicated; instead, you just need a solid and regular cleaning routine. The Pink Stuff is a great range of cleaning products and they’ve definitely got some items suitable for cleaning your games console. You probably won’t need to scrub your console, so instead a wipe over with a very slightly damp cloth and a little bit of The Pink Stuff antibacterial spray should be good enough. They also have some cleaning wipes that will do the job if you prefer. It is important to remember that your games console and controller are electronic devices so you want to avoid getting these too wet. A damp cloth and a light spray of cleaner will be enough.

However, it isn’t just a one-off clean that is going to fix the problem no matter how many new products you add. Instead, you need to ensure that your games console is included in your weekly cleaning routine – just a wipe over with a cloth will help! The controller is something you might want to wipe over a little more often, especially if you have people over to game with you. The storing of your games controller can also help to keep it clean – invest in some proper storage for your controllers and game console accessories and you should find that they stay much cleaner.

The research by Betway Online Casino might be worrying but now you know just how filthy your games console could be, you have no excuse for not keeping on top of things.

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