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Huawei H12-211 - HCNA Certification Exam Tips The H12-211 exam leads to the HCNA (Huawei Certified Network Associate) certification. It assesses the candidate’s expertise and skills needed for basic maintenanceand configuration of small to medium-sized networks. With this credential, you will be able to demonstrate you have a basicinsight of small/medium-sized networks, as well as general network technologies. You will also showyour ability to design medium-sized and small networks and fulfill the designs using Huawei switching and routing devices. Enterprises that employ the engineers who have the HCNA certificatewill be able to develop simple networks and integrate voice, cloud, wireless, storage,and security technologies into their networks in order to support different applications. There are no prerequisites for this certification. How to Pass the H12-211 Exam on the First Try? For you to pass this Huawei exam, you need to prepare for it in the best possible way. Here are some main tips for passing the H12-211 certification test: 1. Review the exam objectives The objectives of the exam are like the window to the exam. They help you have a sneak peek of what to expect and this gives you an insight on how well to prepare for the test. You will know the content to give more emphasis on when you are studying and the type of questions that you are likely to encounter in the exam. Studying without knowing the objectives of the exam is like walking into the test blindthat will set you in a state of panic and you will not do your best because your emotions are tense and your brain is stressed out. The only way to prepare thoroughly for the exam is to align your preparation with the exam objectives and it cannot be overemphasized. 2. Use software trials You need to practice the techniques you are studying and that means that you need to install software trials for your practice. Preparing for this exam is not only learning the concepts, but also mastering the skills that you would otherwise use in an actual work setting. This certification test is heavily dependent on your technical skills which means that there should not be any room for error. There is no other shortcut other than to practice and ensure that your skills align with the objectives of the exam. You will easily pass thistest with excellent skills. Stay updated with technology 3. Technology keeps changing and you need to ensure that you are familiar with current technologies and how the terms are used. Understand the acronyms and what they stand for so that when you encounter a question or a work scenario you know how to come up with the proper solution. Networking protocols contain acronyms that if you master correctly, you become a step closer in passing your exams. Because this certification will help you handle the networks of small to medium-sized enterprises, you need to stay updated with the current technology so that you provide clients with viable solutions. This will polish your expertise and give you a better chance of answering the questions in the exam correctly. 4. Create your own practice questions There are many websites on the Internet that contain practice questions like AioTestking.com but it is not advisable for you to fully depend on those questions. What happens is that you will find yourself trying to master those questions that can be frustrating and put a strain on your brain. Exam questions also tend to change occasionally hence you cannot really depend on those practice tests and questions. The better way is to try and create your own exam questions as you read. This will help you fill in the blanks and determine whether you follow the step-by-step skills needed for particular tasks. Conclusion To get certified, you need to pass the exam and that means that you have to put in a great deal of effort. Many shortcuts exist but the candidates who opt for shortcuts hardly pass the exam. Take your time to prepare for the Huawei H12-211 certification test and you will most likely succeed. Develop a study routine that you are comfortable with and follow it to the very end. All the best!
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