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Ad Collaboration

Collaborate and run high performing run ads via CybrHome’s social media pages

Absolutely free for now!

Run high performance Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter ads via CybrHome’s social media.

CybrHome as a content curation, recommendation and discovery platform can help you boost your brand’s reach by creating ads for you on our social media pages thereby delivering increase CTRs and improved ROI for your brand.

Our content and social media team can also collaborate with your marketing team directly to work on ideas for creating and posting engaging branded content on our social media pages.

Ad Collaboration on Instagram

Run Instagram Ads or get branded content posted via CybrHome’s Instagram page.

Ad Collaboration on Facebook

Run Facebook Ads or post branded content via CybrHome’s Facebook page.

Ad Collaboration on Twitter

Run Twitter Ads or get branded content posted via CybrHome’s Twitter page.

Ad Collaboration on LinkedIn

Run LinkedIn Ads or get branded content posted via CybrHome’s LinkedIn page.


On what social media sites can you run ads for us?

Currently we support four social media sites and apps - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Will you do everything on your own or we too will have to work on these ads?

It’s upto you. Either you can take full control of your content/creatives/ads, or you can work with our team in collaboration or you can leave everything up to us.

Do you charge a fee to run ads on your social media?

As of now CybrHome doesn’t charge any fee for commission to run your ads on our social media pages. So if you pay us $1000 for running your ads we’ll spend the full amount $1000 on social media sites on your ads without taking any cut.

What is the minimum amount I’ve to spend for collaborated ads?

We work with brands and individuals who are willing to spend at-least $100 per month on ads.

Ready to collaborate?