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What is CybrHome?

CybrHome is a better way to search and discover websites. Using CybrHome, one can find out top websites, blogs, apps and more for any given purpose and topic. Find websites by searching for topics and making use of powerful filtering options. Discover new websites while browsing through CybrHome that you wouldn’t have found on your own.

CybrHome Topic


Websites are primarily organized into topics on CybrHome. Topics are like curated lists and they contain the best relevant sites that describe the topic. You can follow topics, share them or send to a friend within CybrHome.

CybrHome Collections


Collections are best lists published by our editors and content team. These lists containt the hottest must-know websites on various subjects. We have published collections for designers, developers, entrepreneurs and so on.

CybrHome Hubs


A hub is a collection of topics on a particular subject. They are like a list of lists and helps you browse CybrHome in a better way. For example, you can browse hubs for students, developers and startups on CybrHome.

CybrHome Website


Websites listed on CybrHome have their own profile pages. Details of the website, associated topics and sites similar to them are shown on this page. You can share, send or edit website profiles on CybrHome.

CybrHome Topic


Charts help people to discover new interesting sites everyday. Sites for these charts are picked based on certain factors or by inputs from our content team. While charts have their own dedicated section on CybrHome, few of the top charts are also shown on the CybrHome homepage.

CybrHome User Profile


Profile is where you can express who you are and what's going on in your internet life. Your CybrHome profile shows your public activity like upvotes, reviews and published collections. Profiles also shows your followers and people or topics you've followed. Contributions you've made on CybrHome like adding or editing topics and websites also goes into your profile.

CybrHome Explore People

Meet People

You can find and follow your friends or meet new people on CybrHome. You can visit their profiles to explore what sites they like and use. You can see their upvotes, reviews and contributions on their profiles. You can also see lists they have published on CybrHome on their profiles.

CybrHome User Collection

Publish Lists

You can use make user collections on CybrHome. These collections enable you to create your own list of websites and publish them. You can add contributors to you collections. Having contributors also enables you to collaborate with friends so that you can together work on curating and published the list. Once published, you can share it and others can follow these lists you've created.

CybrHome Submit Website

Submit Websites

We are always on the lookout for new cool websites and products because people discover new websites, blogs and products on CybrHome everyday. You can submit any website on CybrHome if you find it missing. Listing a site gives it visibility among people who use CybrHome. Once submitted, our team will review the details which usually takes 2-4 days. You'll also get an update from us once it goes live. If a website is listed already, you can also edit it or report any issues you see with its profile.

CybrHome Submit Topic

Edit Topics

We're building an internet knowledge base using topics at its core. You can help us in this mission by adding, editing or reporting topics. You can make all kinds of constructive changes like adding missing details or improve existing details like icon, name and description. If you find any issue with a given topic, you can report it too and describe the issue. Once a change is made, our team will review the details. You'll also get an update from us once your edit goes live.

Chrome Extension

Get the CybrHome Chrome Extentions to find similar websites in one-click. Using this extension, you can also find out more details about a website and can see user reviews or write your own review about a site. You can bookmark sites in a better way. You can send that interesting website you've just visited to a friend on CybrHome instantly. You can also use this extension to search CybrHome without leaving the current website on your chrome tab.

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