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Cloud Torrent Sites

Cloud Torrent Sites

Torrent Cloud simultaneously downloads and uploads the file, so when a torrent is complete, you'll find it in your own storage.

10 Websites


Safety and security. Your connection to is protected with HTTPS protocol. Your downloads are carried on behalf of ZbigZ.


No one, including our staff can access your files. In order to use Secure Storage you must download and install client software.


Download files to the cloud and watch them online


Seedr lets you stream media, read ebooks and more, quickly and anonymously.


A web application that boosts your capacity to download any file, video or audio from the cloud.


FrostWire is a free and easy Downloader, BitTorrent Client and Media Player for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android Search, Download, Play and Share Files.


Boxopus downloads torrents into the private space or in the cloud. Register with email Sign in with Facebook. I have an account already.


The Best Rapid Leech Server. Download From File Hosing and Torrents to the Cloud - FoxLeech simplifies the way you download, stream and organize torrent files.

Transfer Cloud

Download Torrents, Magnets and Links directly to your Cloud: Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, OneDrive, OpenDrive or FTP server.

Torrent Safe

Download Torrent URLs Anonymously, No registration, No software, No logging. Free trial.

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