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Deployment Tools

Deployment Tools

Deployment tools and software for web applications

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Jenkins CI

Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration server.


Beanstalk is the complete code hosting workflow teams or individuals use to write, review and deploy their code.


Hosted Continuous Integration for web applications. Set up your application for testing in one click, on the fastest testing platform on the internet.


Codeship is a fast and secure hosted Continuous Delivery platform that scales with your needs.

Travis CI

Getting started with Travis CI is as easy as enabling a project, adding basic build instructions to your project and committing code.


Shipping web projects should be fast, easy, and low risk. Surge is static web publishing for Front-End Developers, right from the CLI.


Build and deploy code straight from your repos.


CI, CD, and DevOps automation platform with Docker support that simplifies provisioning, building, testing, and deploying any application anywhere.


Buddy is a new CI/CD tool that lets developers build, test and deploy web projects with code from GitHub and Bitbucket repositories in a very simple way.


Semaphore is a hosted continuous integration and deployment service for open source and private projects.

Apache Maven

Open Source - Apache build manager for Java projects. Features a (POM) Project Object Model, extensible process plugin framework.


wercker - automation driven development


Hosted Continuous Integration and Deployment for Github, Bitbucket and Google Code. Supports 12+ languages including Java, Groovy, Go, Dart and Node.


Command line deployment tool for deployment and system administration.


A simple app for deploying your code anywhere without complex cookbooks, recipes, or configs.


Buildbot - The Continuous Integration Framework

Hudson CI

Hudson is an extensible Continuous Integration Server.

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