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E-Cell, NIT Trichy

The E-Cell of NIT Trichy is a student run Non-profit organization which has been fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in India for more than decade.

E-Cell, NIT Rourkela

Entrepreneurship Cell, NIT Rourkela is an endeavor of the institute through the student body to encourage "Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship.

Enterpreneurship Cell, NIT Patna

The Entrepreneurship Cell of NIT Patna was established in 2013 with an aim to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and start up culture in the college.


Entrepreneurship Development Cell MNIT Jaipur spreads entrepreneurship & accelerates economic growth, by increasing the supply of new entrepreneurs.

DIIC MNNIT Allahabad

DDIIC seed ideas through Innovation Club classes that our team conduct, we plant ideas in young aspiring minds to flourish.

E-Cell NIT Raipur

The Entrepreneurship cell, NIT Raipur is a non-profit organization that manifests the essence of entrepreneurship in the passionate youngsters.


E-Cell NITK is a non-profit organisation run by the student of NITK that aims at manifesting the latent entrepreneurial spirit of young students.

CCA NIT Durgapur

Center For Cognitive Activities(CCA) is the official techno-management club of NIT Durgapur and organises Aarohan the second largest fest in Eastern India.

E-Cell, NIT Agartala

The Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell), NIT Agartala is a non-profit organization currently active in our college, run by our students.

E-Cell NIT Uttarakhand

E-Cell of NIT Uttarakhand is a special body of enthusiatic students that promotes entrepreneurship culture in the institute.

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