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IIT Kanpur Faculty & Alumni Works

List of Works, Publications, Patents by Faculty of IIT Kanpur.

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List of Faculty Publications

List of Books Published by Faculty of IIT Kanpur.

List of R&D Publications

List of R&D Publications by Faculty of IIT Kanpur.

List of HSS Publications

Few Humanities & Social Sciences books published by faculty of IIT Kanpur.

Patent Records

Notable Patents filed by IIT Kanpur.

Alumni Awards and Honours

Notable Awards and Honors given to alumni of IIT Kanpur.

Distinguished Alumnus Awardees

The Distinguished Alumnus Award (DAA) is the highest award given by IIT Kanpur to its alumni in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Alumni Association of IIT Kanpur

The mission of the IITK Alumni Association is to foster strong bonds between alumni students and Institute.

Notable Alumnis

IIT Kanpur’s rising global stature is credited to its charismatic alumni whose stupendous achievements in myriad fields continue to make us proud.

Featured Alumni

Here are a few notable alumni who have left an indelible mark in their fields.

Books Authored by Alumni

Here you can find some good books you should have read by now written by great alumni of IIT Kanpur.

Academic Initiatives

Faculty Chairs have been set up to recognize the outstanding achievements of the faculty who enjoy a reputation for excellence in their research areas.

Students Initiatives

To ensure students holistic growth and development, a large number of scholarships, awards & grants have been set up thus enabling them to realize their dream.

Batch Initiatives

Many batches have succeeded in raising enough money to start relevant initiatives within the campus premises thus leaving their mark behind for everyone.

Infrastructure Initiatives

Infrastructure Initiatives took by Alumni of IIT Kanpur.

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