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Music Making (apps)

Music Making (apps)

Tools and software for composing music.

12 Websites

Splice Beat Maker

Make and share beats in your browser

Incredibox v4

Express your musicality, pump it up and chill.


Make (and record) beats on your keyboard


Learn to play the piano in your browser.

HTML-909 Rhythm Composer

An HTML version of a Roland TR-909

Ambient Mixer

Listen online to relaxing sound atmospheres, ambient music or chilling sound effects. You can even create and mix your own moods, all for free.

Type Drummer

Drum by typing.


Babbel for learning the piano


Transforming any object into a music instrument.


Create your own personalized vinyl record online.


Capture, nurture, and collaborate on song ideas in the cloud.

Remix M&M'S

Remix a song with M&M's

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