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Personal Websites of Developers

Personal Websites of Developers

13 Websites


We help you automate work with Google Scripts and develop web applications that integrate with Google Apps including Docs, Drive, Google Forms, Gmail,


.NET programming from a human factors perspective: thoughts on software usability and effective team development.

Joel On Software

A weblog by Joel Spolsky, a programmer working in New York City, about software and software companies.

CSS Puns

A stylish website full of hilarious CSS puns


Aditya Bhushan says: “If it's a problem, it's always a people problem. - @swaroopch revisited your blog after a long time.


Ian Bicking: a home page. You’ve reached my homepage on the world wide web. Hello! On the internet I’m a computer programmer.


Hi, I am Amit. I make things. I am a developer who cares about good visual design.

Codinghorror Blog

programming and human factors




Yash Nelapati, engineer at Pinterest, San Francisco, CA.

Yuri Victor

Personal website of Yuri Victor, Co-founder

Kevinastone Blog

Kevinstone's blog on Django, AngularJS, ElasticSearch and Python.

Sid Pagariya's Personal Website

Siddhant Nandkishor Pagariya's Biography Website

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