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MBTI personality types analysis by an INTP, relationships, self-development advice, brain food, debates, gift ideas for each personality, and more.

ENFJ Adventures

"There are too many hurting people in this world for me to not try and help them.

MBTI Online Blog

No Description

Ways of Wisdom

Going beyond common knowledge

Which MBTI Type

Solving your MBTI questions since 2010

Existential MBTI

Claire. INFJ. 4w3 enneagram. Askbox is open! ◕‿◕ If you're looking for my original posts, click on the 'Post Types' tab. My personal is blasebeignet.

MBTI Analysis

xNTP | A blog about the mbti personality types and jungian function theory.

Funky MBTI Fiction

Typing fictional characters, granting insight into cognitive functions, and working to assist people in finding their true personality type.

MBTI Confessions

There are lots of blogs for certain MBTI personality type confessions and I thought - why not make one for all types?

MBTI Resources

MBTI Resources by eilamona. Everything you need to know about MBTI in one place.


alex. istp 7w8 8w7 3w2 sp/sx chaotic neutral. this is a mbti blog, focused on personality study and everything related to the human brain.

Myers and Briggs

MBTI / Myers-Briggs Personality Type Theory and Jungian Cognitive Function Theory MASTERLIST insta @doriandays snapchat @myersandbriggs Find out your type Still

Silly MBTI

The dumb side of the tumblr Myers-Briggs community.

MBTI Listings

And other typology-related content...

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