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Abdullah Al Mahamud

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Abdullah Al Mahamud

Abdullah Al Mahamud is a programmer and founder of Thedevline an Inspiration blog since 2014. live in Bangladesh, 28 years old.He is passionate about Technology

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Joined on March 2017

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C Language Tutorials

Popular sites, blogs and tutorials for learning and mastering C Programming Language.

C Plus Plus Tutorials

Popular sites, blogs and tutorials for learning and mastering C++ Language.

Bollywood Movie Downloads

List of sites for downloading bollywood movies, hindi movies and regional movies of India.


Everything related to bollywood.

Advertising Platform

Software and tools for digital advertising. Excludes Ad Networks.

Ad Exchange

An ad exchange is a technology platform that facilitates the buying and selling of media advertising inventory from multiple ad networks.

Ad Networks

Ad networks serve as the middleman between advertisers and publishers. Ad networks buy ad units from publishers in bulk across websites and package them to sell


Everything related to accounting.


A style of Japanese film and television anime, typically aimed at adults as well as children.

Anime Downloads

A list of top sites for downloading Anime. You can get anime videos, anime series and anime movies from these sites for free.



Animation is a way of making a movie from many still images.

Android Development

Popular sites, blogs and tutorials for Android Development.


Everything related to AngularJs.



Everything related to android goes here.


Contains websites and tools for all kinds of advertising - both online and offline advertising.

Open Source

Websites and portals related to open source.


Everything related to video, ranging from video streaming services to video calling apps.

Apps & Software

All types of software products - desktop software, business software, web applications and mobile apps.


All kinds of blogs.

Online TV

Internet television (or online television) is the digital distribution of television content, such as TV shows, via the public Internet.


Everything related to photography.

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