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Aerospace Companies

Companies that are involved in the various aspects of designing, building, testing, selling, and maintaining aircraft, aircraft parts, missiles, rockets, etc.

SEO Tools

NITK Startups

A list of 100+ companies, all founded by NITKians.

Indian Paramilitary Forces

List of official websites of Indian Paramilitary Forces.

Reverse Email Search (tools)

Tools to find name and more information from an email address.

Marketing Emails

Tools that can be used for sending marketing and promotional emails at scale.

Find Company Emails (tools)

Tools to find email addresses associated with a given domain name. Find email ids of employees and executives of any company.

Find Email IDs (tools)

Tools that can find email addresses from name or any other information like social profiles.

Programming Contests

List of Organizations hosting programming competitions on a regular basis.

Django Admin Interface

List of apps related to the Django Admin Interface.

IIT Kanpur Startups

Companies founded/co-founded by IITKians.

Developer Blogs

Blogs and tutorials that cover everything related to developers.