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Everything related to android goes here.

Android Development

Popular sites, blogs and tutorials for Android Development.

Augmented Reality

A technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view.

Big Data


Good things to read.

C Plus Plus Tutorials

Popular sites, blogs and tutorials for learning and mastering C++ Language.

Academic Disciplines

Sites related to different career options and streams.

College Fests

List of Official sites of College fests.

Coding Competitions

Coding competitions for programmers.


Design related websites, software, online platforms and more.


Websites and resources for programmers, developers and IT people.


Build it yourself, with handy instructions.



Graphic Design

Everything related to graphic design.


It is not just about breaking into computers.


Websites related to health, fitness and physical well being.


Everything related to internships.

Learn a Language

Online tutorials for easily learning different languages. Now, be a linguist!

Learn English

Online tutorials for learning English.


Magazines are publications, usually periodical publications, that are printed or electronically published .They are generally published on a regular schedule.

Mobile App Development

Everything related to mobile app development.

Network Security

Everything related to network security.

PC Games

Photography Tutorials

List of sites, blogs, resources and tutorials that contain top tips, techniques and tactics for both beginners and expert photographers.

Photoshop Tutorials

Popular sites, blogs and tutorials for learning and mastering Photoshop.

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