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Photography Tutorials

List of sites, blogs, resources and tutorials that contain top tips, techniques and tactics for both beginners and expert photographers.

Photoshop Tutorials

Popular sites, blogs and tutorials for learning and mastering Photoshop.

Machine Learning Courses

Curated list of free Machine Learning courses.

Data Science Blogs

A curated list of 200+ blogs related to Data Science.

Learn a Language

Online tutorials for easily learning different languages. Now, be a linguist!

Competitive Programming

Websites and resources for Competitive programmers.

Coding Competitions

Coding competitions for programmers.


All websites related to career, work and more.

Career Advice

Websites and blogs for career advice.


Essentials for a blogger.

Blogging Tutorials

Popular sites, blogs and tutorials to learn and master Blogging.


All kinds of blogs.


Audio is one of the types of Digital Content. Music is the most common form of audio.


It is not just about breaking into computers.

Graphic Design

Everything related to graphic design.

Graphic Design Tutorials

Popular sites, blogs and tutorials for learning Graphic Design.

Business Intelligence

Everything related to business intelligence.

Big Data

Mobile App Development

Everything related to mobile app development.


Everything related to android goes here.

Business Plans

Sites helpful for building and optimizing business plans and startup pitch decks.

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