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5 New Apps That Are Taking Over New Zealand

Posted on March 7, 2023

Anything can be an app these days. Whether you’re looking for a new love or looking to get out and about in the world, apps can aid you in the adventure and make everything far more easy, convenient and safe.

In New Zealand, especially, there have been a number of successful apps that have emerged in the last few years, with millions of phone-users downloading to reap the benefits. But what are these apps and what are they doing for New Zealand citizens?

Here are five of the areas in which mobile apps are changing the landscape in New Zealand:

Communication Apps

Of course, a phone can do anything and everything at the moment, but their primary service is still communication. In New Zealand, one of the biggest communication apps is known as Spark Voicemail. The app is designed to make voicemail messages far easier to receive.

Instead of having to dial a number and whittle through options to hear a voicemail, you can instead be given a transcript of the voicemail automatically, allowing you to read what it says or click play for an automated version.

Entertainment Apps

The world loves online games and New Zealand is no different. Many traditional games have found themselves in the app-space and, in 2023, William Hill in New Zealand is one of the most popular. This is an online casino that offers games such as blackjack, roulette, poker, amongst hundreds of others for New Zealanders to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

Not everyone is an expert, after all, and it can be pretty daunting to actually walk into a casino and start playing with some of the big guns. William Hill offers a way in and makes the experience far more enjoyable as a result.

Adventure Apps

We’ve all seen the Lord Of The Rings movies. They were filmed in New Zealand because the landscape owes itself to adventure, with scenic spots that you can only find in New Zealand – including mountain ranges, beaches, rainforests and rivers.

One of the apps taking advantage of this is called CamperMate, which offers a complete guide to New Zealand camping. Here, travellers can add tips, reviews, and find over 100,000 journey points to travel to – including places to stay and trails for hiking.

Dating Apps

Dating is another scary experience. Sure, it is supposed to be enjoyable, but no one can deny experiencing the cold sweats before going out on a date for the first time. That is why dating sites and apps are around to take the stress out of it.

Apps like Bumble have grown incredibly popular in New Zealand, as they allow users to mutually “like” each other and then strike up conversation before the first date has even taken place. This means that all the awkward small talk is over and done with, as both individuals have already got to know each other and become close through messaging alone. Phew.

Finance Apps

Another thing that mobile apps are changing is the financial space. Finance apps like Wise Wise are making waves in New Zealand due to their ability to drastically simplify finance. We all know the difficulties that come with retrieving receipts and bank statements, trying to work out our monthly spend and budgeting plans.

With a mobile app like this, managing finance has become simple, convenient and safe. Not just for individuals, but as a business tool too.  Not to mention, digital wallets make transfering money efficient and fast, with an ability to track all the money you have spent and where you have spent it. It’s likely that finance apps are the future of finance, and New Zealand is certainly taking advantage in 2023!

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