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Free Apps Every College Student Has

Posted on August 5, 2020

If you are already a student or just going to swell the ranks of college newcomers, but haven’t had any useful apps for students on your smartphone, it’s time to download some of them! Check the list of the most popular free apps to study, do sports, and pay close attention to your health.


Apps to Make the Studying Process More Productive

Office Lens 

If you write too slowly missing the great part of your lecture or feel like not writing at all, this app allows you to scan the text written on the whiteboard and make it readable and convert everything into any format you need.

Exam Countdown

The app helps to customize time-management for those who are preparing for exams, tests, or want to complete all the home assignments on time but not to procrastinate and look for online assignment writing assistance failing the deadline. Exam Countdown counts down the number of days and hours to each important date and helps students be punctual and prepared.    


If you are a sleepyhead and suffer from sleeping through anything, Alarmy will help you to get up on time and manage to do everything you have planned. This alarm clock can’t be turned off with a single click. For example, you have to do a certain action, take a picture of a certain subject, solve a mathematical problem, etc. You are unlikely to fall asleep again after any of the activities mentioned.


Apps to Stay Healthy


You can monitor your mood and emotional well-being, analyze dynamics, and identify impulses for troubled thoughts. Happify helps you not to stay away from psychological problems and anxieties, but to work them out with simple and fast exercises in a playful way.

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Restful sleep normalizes brain and heart functions, dealing with stress, and makes our lives better. Run the app, set an interval to wake up and put your smartphone next to the bed at the body level. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock will listen and analyze your sleep behavior, identify the phases of short and deep sleep, and help you wake up when it’s easiest to do for your body. The app includes visual sleep statistics and tips for optimizing your sleep. 


Medisafe helps to take medicines, dietary supplements, and vitamins on time. It’s a complete electronic first aid kit. You can set concrete parameters. For example, how many pills you need to take, when you have to do it, etc. Moreover, Medisafe can be synchronized with health monitoring devices and track how taking pills affect your well-being.


Apps to Do Sports


Can’t find some free time to do sports? This excuse isn’t going to work anymore as this app was developed for busy people. You can choose an exercise style (strength training, cardio, yoga, or stretching) from dozens of exercises or create your own ones. Every workout includes a video and a countdown for repetitions.

Charity Miles

If you want to benefit from doing sport not only to you but also to others, Charity Miles is the right thing. Using this app, you donate to charity every time you run, walk, or ride a bike. Corporate users agree to donate some money for each mile they run. You can look through the list of charitable institutions and select the one you will support.


Use your smartphone camera not only for selfies. Track your sports activities with it. While you repeat your exercises following your virtual trainer tips, the app uses a mobile camera to evaluate how well you're doing: whether you need to take a break or speed up your workout.

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