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Getting the Best Deal on Your Private Student Loans

Posted on January 17, 2021

Private student loans for college are worth considering if federal financial aid is not enough to cover your tuition and expenses and covering that balance out of pocket is not an option. But before you sign anything it is well worth your time to shop around especially because private lenders offer a different experience than federal ones. You have a unique opportunity with private student loans to compare terms and conditions across different agencies and decide on what best suits your needs and preferences, as opposed to federal funding which holds more rigid terms and overall process requirements.


Since the private loan experience is more fluid, what you can expect as far as repayment can be as well. You can use a student loan repayment calculator to estimate what your monthly payments may be when taking out a student loan with a private lender in order to pay for upcoming college. Having this tool at your disposal gives you a chance before you sign anything to come to terms with what your repayments will look like and make decisions based off that information.

Private student loans also offer more flexibility regarding what they can be spent on, so some students opt to allocate this money towards things that their federal funding will not approve. If this is part of your plan, a payment calculator can give perspective regarding how what you borrow is not the exact amount that you will have to repay. This will help mold your decision regarding how much money to borrow in the first place. A conservative approach regarding loan amounts will likely lend itself to a more manageable repayment experience. And since you have no way to predict how your life and finances will look once repayment begins, it might be in your best interest to air on the side of conservation, at least until you have a clearer picture of the level of eventual affordability associated with your private student loans.

Determining Factors

There are several aspects that go into determining the best private student loans. And there is no one, best option, rather after research, there will end up being one best option for you. Generally speaking, though, the main factors to focus on will be interest rates and fees. The base amount that you take out on your private student loan is only the beginning. Keeping your rates and fees as low as possible is what will give you the best chance for maintaining a manageable level of student debt.

Although you may not yet have an established credit score, or financial history, you should still be aware of how loan applications will affect that. You can apply for more than one loan to see which will afford you the best deal, and there are ways to do so that do not result in a hit to your credit score. Many private student lenders do a soft pull on your credit which will show you what you might be approved for, without permanently impacting your credit in a negative way. Another way to consider credit when seeking out private student loan options is to file your formal applications with multiple lenders inside the same specific window.

If you conduct your search only on a surface level, you might miss out on opportunities to take advantage of perks available that cater specifically to your needs. Different lenders serve students attending certain types of schools or pursuing different types of degrees. This is important to be aware of because it gives you a chance to be more purposeful in your search. Having conversations with the customer service teams at the lending facilities you are researching is another great way to unlock information that might not be readily available online. Independent research is great, and a necessary start, but do not underestimate the savings that you might discover by having actual conversations with the professionals in this industry.

Consider a Cosigner

While a cosigner is rarely necessary for a federal student loan, they can be beneficial if not required when taking out a private student loan. Cosigners can be a great benefit to the borrower because they provide their good financial reputation as well as their credit score to the lender as security and in turn the lender will assign interest rates and terms based off that information. Aligning yourself with a cosigner you trust, and that trusts you is a powerful tool.

Just be aware of the consequences that are associated with delinquent repayment behavior and that they will impact not just you, but your cosigner as well. Typically, the dynamic of borrower and cosigner is child and parent, so the necessary foundation for that level of trust is already established, but that does not make the facts any less significant. Like all financial tools private loans can be a true lifesaver when they are conceived under knowledgeable circumstances.

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