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Top 4 Free Online Writing Optimization Resources

Posted on March 14, 2023

No matter if you are just starting your freelance writing journey or you are an expert in the profession, perfecting your craft and how you make your living with free online writing optimization resources is essential for developing clear, succinct pieces for every gig.

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1. Grammarly

Grammarly is the top online writing optimization resource to use to correct grammar errors, make your writing clearer, and check for spelling errors. While they do have a paid option, using just the free version can get you the results you need for clients to love your work every time.

When you correct the base errors that Grammarly reports to you, it will list the additional errors to you in specific categories. Wordy sentences, passive voice misuse, intricate text, and punctuation errors in compound sentences are the base types of errors that Grammarly underlines in yellow throughout your text document.

As you read through your final piece, you can edit the text accordingly with your knowledge of the written English language to manually remove the number of additional errors that Grammarly recognizes.


2. Spelling and Grammar Checker in Google Docs

Using the spelling and grammar checker tool in Google Docs is a great backup when you are also utilizing Grammarly. There could be one error that the Google Docs spelling and grammar checker picks up on that maybe Grammarly will not recognize and vice versa.

Once you are finished typing your piece, automatically run it through the spelling and grammar checker on Google Docs before running it through Grammarly. In the excitement and thought process of writing your piece, you never know what errors may be in your document. After all, we are all human and even the best writers need optimization tools to refine what they are saying.


3. Hemingway App

Go to to see how your content reads based on a grade level. If your client wants the content at an 8th-grade level or below, you can refine your content’s words accordingly to get it down to that grade level.

This is also one of the best free online resources to distinctively report passive voice misuse in green. Purple highlights show that you can simplify what you are saying with a different word or phrase. Red highlights mean that you have complex sentences that are hard to read in the document.

Finally, any adverbs that you are using are shown in blue. While the presence of adverbs is inherently okay, the Hemingway App recommends that you do not have any more than two of them stationed throughout your piece for enhanced readability.


4. Capitalize My Title

Depending on the writing style that your client prefers you to write, whether MLA, APA, Chicago, or AP style, Capitalize My Title can automatically change your heading titles to match the style. For example, AP style prefers most words to be capitalized throughout a title except words such as “and”, “to”, and “for”.

Log on to to get started. Once you generate all the headings in a writing piece, select the style in which your client is requesting you to write. Copy and paste the headings one by one into the box provided. Then, copy and paste what is generated back into your document.


Final Thoughts

Are there other free writing optimization resources we did not mention? Tell us more in the comments to help other freelance writers just starting in the industry.

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