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Top useful resources for students to make life easier

Posted on November 20, 2019

Being a student is a very advantageous and promising time. You are full of hopes, expectations, ambitions, and plans. At this time, people most often find themselves, realize what they want to be and build some steps on how to achieve it. However, dreaming and planning are not the only things in the life of an average student. University years are also filled with challenges, battles for the reputation, and attempts to cut out some time in your schedule for everything. 

If you are reading it right now, it means you’re a student or somehow connected to the learning process. Considering these aspects, we decided to give you some hints and provide the ‘tastiest’ links for student life. Read on to find out more!

Writing tasks are known to be the greatest headache of many students, even those who are at the top of their universities’ ratings. Sometimes it is the lack of inspiration or the highest level of exhaustion that prevents them people from writing well, – here most of these problems get answered! Writing a suggestion to the website’s staff, you will be guaranteed 100 % content authenticity, in-time delivery, adequate price politics, and professional writers’ help. 

  • BBC Languages

Now, this may refer to different students, not necessarily those in the foreign languages department. All who have ever set up a goal to master a language at the proper level, be able to interact with people, or learn it for a work trip, are welcome here. Around 40 languages with relevant videos, sports sections, and tutorials are at your full disposal. Use it and enjoy it!

  • Wiki How

This service is, probably, the first option when you type in the Google searching line ‘how to… ’ Being very accurate, brief, and practical, it is one of the favorite places if you need to learn something in a blink of an eye. 

  • TED talks

We doubt that this resource is still unknown to somebody. Admired and respected by people of different nations and society layers, it provides ‘ideas worth spreading’ in all possible fields. The ground-breaking ideas in science, psychology, technological development, music, environment, business come here the first. We are sure you will find it a great place to seek some food for thought, find answers to the most challenging questions, and become a more conscious citizen of the global society.

  • The Skimm

The untypical service for reading the daily feed and transforming your life into a smarter, better, and more advanced ones, – what can be more convenient? With an absolutely simple, user-friendly interface and topics covering everything from careers to healthy eating, this tool has a good chance to win your heart, so be careful.

  • Koofers

Being a resource, oriented more on American students, Koofers gives you unlimited access to the tests of previous years, flashcards, books, and other stuff you might need for the boost of your academic success. Many former students in the USA say they owe their success to this service, as it gives not just bare facts, but passes over experience.

  • Alison

The phrase that describes this website is an ‘endless opportunities’. Once you get to this place, you will understand why. In short, Alison gives the online courses by leading companies to the open. Today, nearly 13 million learners are satisfied with the facilities it gives. Why not become one of them and use it for free?

  • Save the Student

If one could tell the name of the service covering the widest topics, it would be ‘Save the Student’. In most cases, it deals with saving money, handling banking operations, finding a job or an apartment, etc. Still, if you dig into it, additional opportunities for study abroad and CV reviews for the beginners.

This is a total ‘must have’ for an advanced student. Created primarily for emphasizing and correcting grammatical and lexical mistakes, this online tool will make your writing flawless. Though it can sometimes be too obsessed with the reduction of the number of adverbs or inserting more definite articles, you should mind who you are writing your text for and what is your goal. By thinking with your own head and filtering everything you’re suggested by Grammarly, you will successfully check the piece of writing and avoid stupid mistakes. Generally, this tool rules for any level of a student!

Very often students’ number one problem is how to organize normal eating, being far from a well-off child. That is why this website’s main concern includes devising good snacks that are real to cook even on a pretty tight budget. As a usual student who is often in a hurry and is used to having snacks mainly on the run, it is the ‘life and death’ kind of question. Moreover, it will show you how real it is to cook a restaurant-worthy meal in some 20 minutes!

  • Text Swap

The principle behind this website is simple sustainability: it allows you to pass a used textbook on to further generations instead of throwing it away, and, in the same way, get a book you have been searching for. Such an exchange between students makes the world a better place, doesn’t it? Do not wait too long to turn clutter into valuable knowledge or new and wanted possessions!

With its crazy popularity, it doesn’t even need to be much described. has been occupying the top positions among e-learning resources for years. Powered by many of the recognized universities, such as Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, its main focus is to make educational courses available to simple people.

The list could go on and on, at least, for 30 more bullet points. However, we do not insist that we know everything and let you continue it with your own resources that match your lifestyle, interests, and studying routine. With such a variety of helping tools, we hope you will rise to the top of rankings at college and boost your personal development as well.

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