Email Phishing

Email Phishing

Email phishing related sites, tools. Also includes phishing simulation and testing tools.

Email Phishing (6)


PhishMe focuses on phishing-specific threats and provides human-vetted analysis of phishing and ransomeware campaigns and the malware they contain.

Phishing is a resource for IT professionals and their users to keep informed about the latest phishing threats and how to avoid becoming a victim.


Gophish - An Open-Source Phishing Framework


MazeBolt Security offers free vulnerability scan, in order to provide you with good threat intelligence, based on a correlation of offensive security services


PhishingBox an easy-to-use phishing simulator to perform social engineering testing via phishing email campaigns. Convincing phishing templates and tactics.


Our partnership with LUCY Security is a strategic one, enabling us to deliver not only security assurance but also security awareness.

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