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Discipline associated with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

Engineering Universities (15)

Mit Engineering

MIT School of Engineering. Search Google Appliance. Enter the terms you wish to search for. Facebook Twitter YouTube. Main menu.

Stanford Engineering

Stanford Engineering has been at the forefront of innovation for nearly a century, creating pivotal technologies in IT, communications, health care, energy, bus

Berkeley Engineering

Berkeley Engineering is a community of innovators and collaborators within the big city of the world’s best public university.

Hardware Engineering (16)

IoT Tutorial - Javatpoint

IoT Tutorial | Internet of Things Tutorial with introduction, how does it work, features, advantage and disadvantage, embedded devices and system, ecosystem, de


IoT Analytics on ThingSpeak: The open data IoT platform with data analytics powered by MATLAB.


ThingWorx is a complete development platform for Internet of Things. ThingWorx enables powerful, enterprise IoT solutions.

Software Engineering (32)

Microsoft Imagine

Bring your ideas to life. Find out how student developers can join Microsoft Imagine, and elevate their skills with developer tools and resources.

Tilda Publishing

Build beautiful websites and tell stories without any code.


Easy-to-create and share mind maps, concept maps, task maps and outlines. Mind mapping software for Web, Desktop, iOS and Android. Mind map with us for free!

Engineering Blogs of Companies (278)

Baidu Research

Baidu Research brings together top researchers, scientists and engineers from around the world to work on fundamental AI research.

Facebook Research

Giving people the power to share and connect requires constant innovation.

Twitter Blog

Learn more on Twitter's Official Blog.

Linkedin Engineering

We're seeking intelligent problem solvers who are inspired and motivated to change the world.

Reddit Blog

The offical Reddit blog.

Twitter Engineering

Building the world's first real-time distributed public platform connecting people to their interests, events and each other.

Twitch Blog

The Official Blog.

Instagram Engineering

Stories from the people who build @Instagram

Microsoft Blogs Msdn

Get the latest information, insights, announcements, and news from Microsoft experts and developers in the MSDN blogs.

Netflix Techblog

Commentary on the technical choices made by the company.

Imgur Blog

As we approach the final few days before the Presidential election, the community has been turning to Imgur for much needed relief.

Pinterest Engineering

The official Pinterest engineering blog.

Quora Engineering

Engineers build Quora from the ground up, creating APIs and abstractions to solve challenging technical problems. This is our engineering blog.

Dropbox Blogs

At Dropbox, we’re constantly inspired by creativity, in all its forms—from advertising to filmmaking, musical invention to scientific experimentation.

Soundcloud Developers

It's always nice to give people credit for their work.

Salesforce Developer

#1 destination for learning to build mobile & enterprise applications in the cloud with the Salesforce1 Platform, Force.

Booking Blog

B. is the world's leading online accommodation provider, operating across 220+ countries in 43 languages.

Discordapp Blog

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

Spotify Labs

Toggle navigation Spotify Labs. Home; About; Puzzles; First things first, Trust each other.

Nytimes Open Blogs

Open is a blog about code and development written by New York Times developers.

Dropbox Tech

Like many companies, Dropbox uses scribe to aggregate log data into our ... Introducing the Dropbox bug bounty program .... Powered by VIP.

Mozilla Hacks

More than 20% of Hacks readers (on desktop) and a quarter of web developers accessing the Mozilla Developer Network are on macOS.

Okta Developer

Secure, scalable, and highly available authentication and user management for any app.

Etsy Codeascraft

It has been very exciting to see statsd-jvm-profiler being adopted outside of Etsy, and we've learned a lot from talking to these new users.

Yelp Engineering Blog

Savvy developers like you already know that the Yelp API is the best place to get information on local businesses.

Canva Engineering

Latest blog posts

Dailymotion Engineering

Thoughts, stories and ideas.

Zendesk Developer

Join the Zendesk Developer Community.

Godaddy Engineering

Technology, Tools, Innovation

Shopify Engineering

From flash sale engineering to fuzz testing to multi-tenant architecture across multiple data centers, we got you covered! Image credit: Giuseppe Milo.

Soundcloud Backstage

At SoundCloud, we're building an ecosystem where creativity thrives. Developers are an important part of that ecosystem.

Trello Tech

Writings and code from the engineering team behind Trello.

Airbnb Nerds

Behind the Scenes: Building Airbnb's First Native Tablet App · Code.

Hubspot Product

The HubSpot product team is building software to power thousands of businesses worldwide and keeping culture at the core.

Mailchimp Blog

MailChimp, email marketing, and monkeys! ... Earlier this year, we made our first official GIF policy for social media: no more third-party GIFs.

Evernote Blog

Remember Everything.

9Gag Engineering

9GAG Engineering Blog

Khanacademy Engineering

We're the engineers behind Khan Academy. We're building a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere.

Asana Blog

The official blog for Asana news, tips, and updates

Bitly Word

The Bitly engineering blog

Coursera Blog

Get the latest stories and product updates from Coursera - a leading education-focused technology company working toward a world in which anyone, anywhere can t

Wattpad Engineering


Strava Labs

Strava Labs showcases interesting side projects enabled by this dataset.

Cloudflare Blog

Cloudflare is publishing today its seventh transparency report, covering the second half of 2016.

Flickr Code

At Flickr we work with a huge number of photos. Our users upload over 27 million photos a day.

Tripadvisor Engineering

All the tech it takes to allow you to plan and book your perfect trip Tech Blog

Engineering and Technology blog at Move, Inc.

Npr Blog Apps

What we're looking for in a photo editing intern on the NPR Visuals team. February 14, 2017 Be our design/code/??? intern for summer 2017!

Prezi Engineering

The things we learn as we build Prezi

Envato Webuild

Envato's development team talk about the tech that goes into building our family of sites.

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