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Engineering Blogs of Companies

A list of engineering blogs of popular tech companies and start-ups.

Marketing Emails

Tools that can be used for sending marketing and promotional emails at scale.

Decacorn Startups (companies)

An ongoing list of decacorn companies from all over the world valued at $10B or more.

Remote Jobs

Apply to Millions of job opportunities across top companies away from the office in a remote location.

Technology Blogs

World's leading sources for technology news, software and gadget reviews and everything related to tech.

Football Clubs

List of top Football Clubs official websites

Personal Websites of Designers

List of personal websites of designers.

MBTI Blogs

Blogs related to MBTI personality test.

IIT Kanpur Engineering Departments

All of the academic engineering departments at IIT Kanpur.

MBTI Personality Tests

Best sites for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality tests.