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20 Lists
Stock Trading Blogs

The most popular and useful stock trading blogs.

Messaging Apps

Messaging apps and texting tools for internet users for having conversations with friends, family and otherwise.

Media Players (software)

Top media players for PC and Mac.

Business Magazines

Official sites of online and offline business magazine companies.

Online Code Editors

Sites for coding, compiling and running computer programs online.

Cultural Festivals in NITs

This is a list of cultural festivals held in National Institutes of Technology (NITs) throughout India.

Subtitle Translators

Tools to translate subtitles to other languages.

Gifts (online shopping)

Best sites for sending gifts to people you care about. Send flowers, cakes, cards, creative gifts and more.

Business Podcasts

Sites for listening to business related podcasts.

Time Tracking (apps)

Tools and apps that can help you track and manage your time.

Indian Paramilitary Forces

List of official websites of Indian Paramilitary Forces.

Indian State Governments

List of Official websites of Indian State Governments.