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Antivirus (software)

List of all anti-virus and security software.

Graphic Design Tools

Graphic design tools and softwares for image editing and creating infographics.

Subtitle Sync Tools

Helpful tools for easily syncing subtitles with the audio of movie, tv show or video file.

Corporate Law Firms

Law firms that help corporations and startup companies with legal matters.

Email Templates

Find free newsletter templates on these sites. Customizable templates to create beautiful emails.

Photography Tools

Tools and software related to photography.

Campus Startup Incubators (official)

Campus Startup incubators with their official websites.

Indian Paramilitary Forces

List of official websites of Indian Paramilitary Forces.

Image Editing (apps)

Apps for editing images

Free Stock Photos

List of free stock photographs sites.

To-Do (apps)

Apps and websites for creating and managing to-do lists.

Native Ad Networks

Native ad networks allow publishers to display ads on their sites and app that look and feel like content or theme of the site itself.

State Police Services (India)

The State Police Services (SPS) are police services under the control of respective state governments of the States and territories of India.