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Native Ad Networks

Native ad networks allow publishers to display ads on their sites and app that look and feel like content or theme of the site itself.

Video Chat (apps)

Best apps for free video calls and video chats. Video-chat apps help you connect with friends and family in a better way.

Business Magazines

Official sites of online and offline business magazine companies.

PHP Frameworks

A List of PHP Frameworks.

Video Converters (tools)

Online Tools to convert Video Files.

Movie Tickets (sites)

Websites for Online booking of movie ticket, Theatres near you & Showtimes.

International Olympiads (Project Base)

List of Project Based International Olympiads.

People Biographies

Websites where you can learn more about famous people, notable people and celebrities.

Movie News

See the latest movie news & rumors from the entertainment world & news on the movies you're most interested in seeing.

Internship Portals (apps)

Portals for finding and applying for internships.

IIT Delhi Startups

List of companies founded/co-founded IIT Delhiites.

IIT Bombay Startups

A list of companies founded/co-founded by the alumni of IIT Bombay.

NIT Trichy Startups

This is a compiled list of the Start-Ups founded/co-founded by the alumni and students of NIT Trichy.

Student Search IITK

Automated Student Search Websites of IITK. It contains the updated information of students.

Student's Gymkhana IIT Kanpur

List of all the websites of various clubs under Student's Gymkhana IIT Kanpur.

Game Jams

A game jam is a hackathon for video games. A game jam may be centered on a theme, which all games developed within the jam must adhere to.

International Olympiads (Exam Base)

List of Olympiads for students.

Online Legal Services

Sites, apps and startups providing online legal services for firms and individuals.

Online Diary (apps)

Sites and apps where you can create and write your personal diary or journal.

Email Clients (webmail)

Webmail (or web-based email) is any email client implemented as a web application running on a web server.

Blogging Platforms

The best blogging sites and publishing platforms on the internet today.

Bollywood News

Bollywood and indian movies news, reviews and updates

Construction Companies

A list of construction and infrastructure companies.