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Messaging Apps

Messaging apps and texting tools for internet users for having conversations with friends, family and otherwise.

CSS Preprocessors

A CSS preprocessor is a program that lets you generate CSS from the preprocessor's own unique syntax.

Meme Generators (tools)

Online tools to make memes.

Instant Personal Loan (apps)

A curated list of apps for instant personal loans.

Hall of Residences at IIT Kanpur

In praise of all the hostels at IIT Kanpur.

Job Portals of Companies

Official job portals of companies.

IIT Kanpur Faculty & Alumni Works

List of Works, Publications, Patents by Faculty of IIT Kanpur.

Personal Websites of Designers

List of personal websites of designers.

Hotel Booking (apps)

Sites and portals for booking hotels.

Real Estate (companies)

Real Estate, Housing, Realty and Urban Development Companies.

Data Science Podcasts

A curated list of podcasts for Data Science.

YouTube Subtitle Downloaders

List of sites for downloading subtitles for YouTube videos.