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Ruby Gems

Java Frameworks

A list of Java Frameworks.

Engineering Blogs of Companies

A list of engineering blogs of popular tech companies and start-ups.

Screen Sharing (apps)

Find out how to share your screen with your friends and colleagues, so you can see the same images at the same time.

Car Manufacturers

List of official websites of Car Manufacturers.

Reverse Email Search (tools)

Tools to find name and more information from an email address.

Technology Blogs

World's leading sources for technology news, software and gadget reviews and everything related to tech.

Decacorn Startups (companies)

An ongoing list of decacorn companies from all over the world valued at $10B or more.

Deployment Tools

Deployment tools and software for web applications

Internship Portals (apps)

Portals for finding and applying for internships.

Startup News

Platforms for startups and entrepreneurs and their related stories, news, resources, research reports, etc.

Subtitle Search Engines

Search engines exclusive for searching subtitle files on the web.

Web Portals

Major web portals and Internet home pages.

Video Chat (apps)

Best apps for free video calls and video chats. Video-chat apps help you connect with friends and family in a better way.