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Engineering Blogs of Companies

A list of engineering blogs of popular tech companies and start-ups.

Technology Blogs

World's leading sources for technology news, software and gadget reviews and everything related to tech.

MBTI Blogs

Blogs related to MBTI personality test.

Digital Marketing Blogs

Blogs and tutorials that cover everything related to marketing and growth hacking.

Developer Blogs

Blogs and tutorials that cover everything related to developers.

Web Design Companies

Official websites of web designing and development companies.

Personal Websites of Designers

List of personal websites of designers.

Developer Communities

Popular online communities for developers.

Subtitle Search Engines

Search engines exclusive for searching subtitle files on the web.

Meme Generators (tools)

Online tools to make memes.

Blogging Tools

Tools & resources to help you find the right keywords, images & influencers for a blog.

Graphic Design Tools

Graphic design tools and softwares for image editing and creating infographics.

Online Diary (apps)

Sites and apps where you can create and write your personal diary or journal.