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Remote Jobs

Apply to Millions of job opportunities across top companies away from the office in a remote location.

Email Follow-up (tools)

Tools that send friendly follow-up messages to your email recipients.

Marketing Emails

Tools that can be used for sending marketing and promotional emails at scale.

Digital Marketing Blogs

Blogs and tutorials that cover everything related to marketing and growth hacking.

Real Estate (Apps & Portals)

Buy, Sell & Rent Properties on these sites and apps.

URL Shorteners

A list of public URL shortening services. Shorten long URLs and see key metrics about your shared links.

Continuous Integration Tools

Tools, solutions and software for Continuous Integration, Delivery or Testing

Email Spam Checking (tools)

Online tools to check if your emails are being marked as spam or if your domain has been blacklisted.

Social Networking Sites

A list of all popular social networks and social media platforms. These are the sites and apps that help that world connect and share.

Link Sharing Sites

List of upvote driven link sharing sites.

Messaging Apps

Messaging apps and texting tools for internet users for having conversations with friends, family and otherwise.

IIT Kanpur Engineering Departments

All of the academic engineering departments at IIT Kanpur.

Magazines Search

Platforms where you can search magazines of your interests.

Subtitle Translators

Tools to translate subtitles to other languages.

Subtitle Download Software

PC software to download subtitles from video files on a mac or windows computer.

Medical Universities in the World

List of Medical Universities all over the World.