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24 Lists
Local Services (apps)

Local classifieds and hyper local services for consumers.

Personality Test (sites)

List of sites that help you take various kinds of personality and psychology tests.

Live Social Streaming (apps)

Sites and apps to discover talented broadcasters, watch live streams and video chat live with people from around the world.

Hotels (official)

List of official websites of hotels, lodges, inns and resorts.

Books (online shopping)

Sites that sell books.

Q&A Sites

Websites and apps for asking and answering questions on the web.

Email Clients (windows)

Desktop application software to send and receive emails on Windows.

Java Frameworks

A list of Java Frameworks.

Real Estate (companies)

Real Estate, Housing, Realty and Urban Development Companies.

Real Estate (Apps & Portals)

Buy, Sell & Rent Properties on these sites and apps.

Meme Generators (tools)

Online tools to make memes.

Youtube Video Downloaders

Free YouTube downloaders will let you save videos from the world's biggest video hosting site, ready to watch offline later whenever you want.

Mail Merge (for Gmail)

Tools using which you can use Gmail to send mail merge campaigns and marketing/promotional emails at scale.

Unicorn Startups (companies)

An ongoing list of unicorn companies from all over the world valued at $1B or more.

UI Inspiration

Curated list of sites for UI Inspiration.