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Programming Contests

List of Organizations hosting programming competitions on a regular basis.

Asian Olympiads

List of Asian Olympiads.

Celebrity Magazines

Source for all the best celebrity magazines.

NIT Trichy Startups

This is a compiled list of the Start-Ups founded/co-founded by the alumni and students of NIT Trichy.

Jewellery (online shopping)

Sites that sell jewellery.

Notes Gallery of IIT Kanpur

All the Study Materials You Need to Excel at IIT Kanpur.

Business Magazines

Official sites of online and offline business magazine companies.

Student Search IITK

Automated Student Search Websites of IITK. It contains the updated information of students.

Deans of IIT Kanpur

List of Official Websites of IIT Kanpur.

Email Templates

Find free newsletter templates on these sites. Customizable templates to create beautiful emails.

Hotel Booking (apps)

Sites and portals for booking hotels.

Indian Paramilitary Forces

List of official websites of Indian Paramilitary Forces.

Environmental Organizations

Official websites of the top environmental organizations.


A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers are involved in software development.

Online Legal Advice

Platforms that give you free or paid online legal advice.


List of all the world's airlines.

Stock Trading Blogs

The most popular and useful stock trading blogs.

Blogging Platforms

The best blogging sites and publishing platforms on the internet today.

Email Spam Checking (tools)

Online tools to check if your emails are being marked as spam or if your domain has been blacklisted.

Job Portals of Companies

Official job portals of companies.

Free VPN Providers

List of free VPN providers.