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Time Tracking (apps)

Tools and apps that can help you track and manage your time.

Business Podcasts

Sites for listening to business related podcasts.

Reservation & Online Booking Software (business apps)

Software for businesses to manage their online booking and reservation processes.

Indian Armed Forces

List of official websites of Indian Armed Forces.

Link Sharing Sites

List of upvote driven link sharing sites.

SEO Tools

Webmail Providers

Email service providers that use web as the interface. They manage all email servers and provide a webmail interface to users for sending and receiving emails.

Top 5 Best Scholarship Search Platform

Best Scholarship Search Platform on Internet.

Regular Expressions (tools)

Developer tools to help you learn, build, debug and test regular expressions.

IIT Kanpur Faculty & Alumni Works

List of Works, Publications, Patents by Faculty of IIT Kanpur.

IIT Kanpur Inter-disciplinary Programs

All of the academic Inter-disciplinary Programs at IIT Kanpur.

Native Ad Networks

Native ad networks allow publishers to display ads on their sites and app that look and feel like content or theme of the site itself.