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Indian State Governments

List of Official websites of Indian State Governments.

IIT Kanpur Inter-disciplinary Programs

All of the academic Inter-disciplinary Programs at IIT Kanpur.

News (official)

Latest news and live updates on politics, arts, entertainment, events in World sports and other feature stories.

Fashion (online shopping)

Sites and apps that sell fashion products.

PHP Frameworks

A List of PHP Frameworks.

Java Frameworks

A list of Java Frameworks.

Video Chat (apps)

Best apps for free video calls and video chats. Video-chat apps help you connect with friends and family in a better way.

Indian Conglomerates

A list of India's 60 most diversified and popular conglomerate companies and business houses.

Deans of IIT Kanpur

List of Official Websites of IIT Kanpur.

Wedding (online shopping)

Sites and apps for wedding shopping.

Books (online shopping)

Sites that sell books.

Services at IIT Kanpur

List of some of the essential services provided by IIT Kanpur.

Auto Expos

Automotive shows of the world.

E-Cells of IITs

E-Cells of various IITs promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship among students & brings out the entrepreneurial flair in students.


A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is a design sprint-like event in which computer programmers are involved in software development.

Graphic Design Tools

Graphic design tools and softwares for image editing and creating infographics.

Email Clients (iOS)

iOS apps to send and receive emails.

Photography Tools

Tools and software related to photography.

Live Sports Streaming (apps)

Watch live sports streaming & get latest sports scores on these sites.

Digital Marketing Blogs

Blogs and tutorials that cover everything related to marketing and growth hacking.

Image Editing (apps)

Apps for editing images

Magazines Search

Platforms where you can search magazines of your interests.

International Olympiads (Exam Base)

List of Olympiads for students.