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Indian Armed Forces

List of official websites of Indian Armed Forces.

Webmail Providers

Email service providers that use web as the interface. They manage all email servers and provide a webmail interface to users for sending and receiving emails.

Email Clients (windows)

Desktop application software to send and receive emails on Windows.

Corporate Law Firms

Law firms that help corporations and startup companies with legal matters.

Find Company Emails (tools)

Tools to find email addresses associated with a given domain name. Find email ids of employees and executives of any company.

Online Legal Advice

Platforms that give you free or paid online legal advice.

Technical Festivals in IITs

This is a list of technical festivals held in Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) throughout India.

Subtitle Translators

Tools to translate subtitles to other languages.

Subtitle Search Engines

Search engines exclusive for searching subtitle files on the web.

YouTube Subtitle Downloaders

List of sites for downloading subtitles for YouTube videos.

Email Spam Checking (tools)

Online tools to check if your emails are being marked as spam or if your domain has been blacklisted.