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Baby Care (online shopping)

Sites that sell baby care products.

Java Frameworks

A list of Java Frameworks.

Email Clients (iOS)

iOS apps to send and receive emails.

Q&A Sites

Websites and apps for asking and answering questions on the web.

Online Diary (apps)

Sites and apps where you can create and write your personal diary or journal.

Email Clients (linux)

Desktop application software to send and receive emails on Linux.

Jewellery (online shopping)

Sites that sell jewellery.

Stock Trading Blogs

The most popular and useful stock trading blogs.

Online Code Editors

Sites for coding, compiling and running computer programs online.

Fashion (online shopping)

Sites and apps that sell fashion products.


List of official websites of public sector undertakings (PSUs) in India

Engineering Blogs of Companies

A list of engineering blogs of popular tech companies and start-ups.

People Biographies

Websites where you can learn more about famous people, notable people and celebrities.

Resume & CV Tools

Resume & CV tools to help you build a world-class resume for your next opportunity.

Business Podcasts

Sites for listening to business related podcasts.

Appointments and Scheduling Software (business apps)

Business software to manage appointments and schedule of executives and professionals.

Web Portals

Major web portals and Internet home pages.

IIT Kanpur Faculty & Alumni Works

List of Works, Publications, Patents by Faculty of IIT Kanpur.