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Reservation & Online Booking Software (business apps)

Software for businesses to manage their online booking and reservation processes.

Hotel Booking (apps)

Sites and portals for booking hotels.

Email Clients (iOS)

iOS apps to send and receive emails.

Cultural Festivals in NITs

This is a list of cultural festivals held in National Institutes of Technology (NITs) throughout India.

Student's Gymkhana IIT Kanpur

List of all the websites of various clubs under Student's Gymkhana IIT Kanpur.

NIT Trichy Startups

This is a compiled list of the Start-Ups founded/co-founded by the alumni and students of NIT Trichy.

Home and Furniture (online shopping)

Shop for home furniture, furnishings, decor & kitchenware related products.

Developer Podcasts

Websites for listening to developer podcasts.

YouTube Subtitle Downloaders

List of sites for downloading subtitles for YouTube videos.

Energy Companies

List of Energy Companies

Web Design Companies

Official websites of web designing and development companies.


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